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Frettens recognised as an 'outstanding employer'

Frettens Solicitors have been awarded ‘outstanding employer’ status in an annual independent survey into employee engagement.

The survey was conducted by Best Companies, the research company behind the prestigious Sunday Times Awards.

Frettens Solicitors have offices in both Christchurch and Ringwood.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and Commercial Properties

Frettens' Christchurch-based Commercial Solicitor, Charlotte Bunch answers all of the most common questions about Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in Commercial Properties.

What are Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards? Who do they impact? When do MEES come into force? What are the exemptions?

Can unfavourable treatment arise in consequence of a mistaken belief?

No, held the EAT in iForce v Wood . Disability and fixed workstations iForce employed Ms Wood as a packer in their warehouse. Ms Wood was a disabled person for the purposes of The Equality Act 2010, suffering from Osteoarthritis. She worked at a fixed...

Confidentiality Clauses - Proposals for Reform

The government has issued a consultation document seeking views on new measures to prevent the misuse of non-disclosure agreements in situations of workplace harassment or discrimination. The consultation document is announced on the back of several...

A Guide to Overage Provisions on Land

When deciding to sell a property or a piece of land, there are circumstances where you may want to consider selling property subject to Overage provisions . What is Overage? Overage gives you, as a seller, a second bite of the cherry.  As well as...

Long Term Disability Benefits

A recent EAT judgement on Long Term Disability Benefits answered the following question: “Where an employer was contractually obliged to provide an employee with long-term disability benefits until his ‘return to work’, did that mean the...
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