Singing Solicitors

At Frettens, we have started our own Choir, the "Frettens Chorale".

What are we doing this for?

Good Question. First and foremost, we thought it would be fun, a good way for lots of us to work together in a social environment.

Secondly, we wanted to develop our "Ask us a Question" campaign on Heart FM. Over the last two years our solicitors have voiced our radio adverts and invited the listeners to email us or call us if they have any legal questions, as we would be happy to help with these. This time, we thought we would utilise our new choir, and get our message across by singing across the airwaves. You can listen to the adverts, on Heart FM, or at the bottom of this page. 

Thirdly, we thought all of our clients and business contacts would appreciate the opportunity to spy on what we were doing and prove that it really is us singing in our advert, so we bought along our trusty video camera and we have published the results for you to enjoy....


Click Here to See Video One - Forming a Choir

We knew we'd need some professional help, so we contacted Alison Russell-Hayward from the New Forest Children's Choir and asked her to train us! Alison's multi award winning children's choir was formed in 2008 and is based in Christchurch. Click on the play icon to watch the film:

Click Here to See Video Two - The Auditions

The sound test... who is good enough to make the cut for the Frettens Chorale? Watch our team audition for Alison and find out a bit more about what Alison has achieved with the New Forest Children's Choir(click on the play icon to watch the film):

Click Here to See Video Three - Can we sing our own Frettens song?

If you've seen the above two clips, you'll see that our choir is getting a bit more confident now... so are we ready for writing and singing our own song?! (click on the play icon to watch the film):

Click Here to See Video Four - The Verdict

As our rehearsals draw to a close, Alison gives her verdict on the level of talent in the Frettens ranks! (click on the play icon to watch the film):

Click Here to See Video Five - The Recording Studio

So, somehow, a bunch of solicitors find themselves in a professional recording studio! Our Choir will be featured in our new radio adverts on Heart FM! If you have legal questions - ask Frettens. "You only have to ask"... (click on the play icon to watch the film):

Video Six - The Out Takes & The Giggles!

We've had a lot of fun singing for you during our lunchbreaks!
"You only have to ask us at Frettens"... (click on the play icon to watch the film):


Video Seven - The Christmas Special!

How do you rate us?



Click Here to Listen to our Radio Adverts

Click on the links below to listen to the adverts:


  • Radio Ad 1 - intro
    • 469 kB
  • Radio Ad 2 - Song
    • 469 kB
  • Radio Ad Conveyancing
    • 470 kB
  • Radio Ad Employment
    • 470 kB
  • Radio Ad Family
    • 469 kB
  • Radio Ad Wills
    • 469 kB