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Anne Albritton
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Buying the Freehold and the Right of First Refusal

  • Posted

Leasehold Property Associate Anne Albritton discusses the role of the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) when a landlord sells their freehold. Anne considers what he ROFR means for leaseholders and what options they have.

Back to basics: Lease Extensions

  • Posted

In this article, Leasehold Property Associate Anne Albritton provides a ‘back to basics’ look at lease extensions.

Anne outlines what a lease extension is, when you might need one and how much one costs.

My leaseholder asked for a lease extension: Advice for freeholders

  • Posted

Anne Albritton, Associate in our Leasehold Property team, provides advice for freeholders who have been asked for their lease to be extended. She looks at the steps involved in the statutory and non-statutory lease extension processes, outlining what freeholders need to do.

How do I sell my freehold? A guide to the process involved

  • Posted

Freeholders may choose to sell their freehold, or could be forced to sell their freehold through a process called Collective Enfranchisement.

Anne Albritton details the steps involved in selling the freehold, providing advice for freeholders on what they need to adhere in the sale process.

Deed of Variation for ground rent

  • Posted

My freeholder has offered me a deed of variation to vary my ground rent - What should I do? Ground Rent increases are a hot topic at the moment; and some leaseholders have had a deed of variation offered to them by their freeholder. Anne Albritton looks at how deeds of variation can be used to vary ground rent.

Buying a flat with a short lease

  • Posted

Anne Albritton, Associate in our growing Lease Team, details the process of buying a flat with a short lease. She goes on to discuss whether short lease property is worth purchasing, weighing up the pros and cons.

Selling a flat with a short lease

  • Posted

Associate and Leasehold Specialist Anne Albritton looks at selling a flat with a short lease, discussing how short leases can affect the value of a property; and answering any questions that you may have.

Right to Manage vs Enfranchisement

  • Posted

Right to Manage and Enfranchisement are two commonly used tools by leaseholders to gain more control over their building. Anne Albritton , Associate and Leasehold Specialist at Frettens, discusses both RTM and enfranchisement; comparing the two and...

What is right to manage and how does it work?

  • Posted

Anne Albritton, Associate in Frettens' specialist leasehold team, explains what the right to manage' is, how it works, and how leaseholders can set up a RTM company.