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Property Litigation Q&A April 2022: Commercial Rent Arbitration - What can landlords and tenants do now?

  • Posted

Frettens’ own ‘Insolvency Guru’ Malcolm Niekirk recently provided his update on understanding rent arbitrations for insolvency practitioners.

In this article, Property Litigation specialist Will Bartley provides advice on the impact of the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 to landlords and tenants.

What is the 'Levelling Up' White Paper and what does it mean for Landlords?

  • Posted

Housing Secretary Michael Gove announced the ‘Levelling Up’ White Paper yesterday, which will attempt to “change the economic model of this country”.

Landlord & Tenant specialist Will Bartley details what will be included in the White Paper and discusses the key takeaways for landlords below.

Property Litigation Q&A September 2021: The need for a suitable AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement)

  • Posted

Property Litigation specialist lawyer, Will Bartley, provides advice on why a suitable AST is required to be provided by the landlord at the start of the tenancy; discussing what this has meant for landlords and tenants.

Property Litigation Q&A July 2021: Airbnb short term lettings

  • Posted

In this Q&A: Property Litigation specialist lawyer, Will Bartley, provides an update on how Airbnb style lettings of residential flats can be problematic for leaseholders, who could be in breach of their lease without knowing it.

Ban on commercial evictions extended to March 2022

  • Posted

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the ban on commercial evictions is set to be extended. Landlord & Tenant lawyer Will Bartley looks at the extension, outlining the key dates and discussing the impact for commercial landlords and tenants.

Changes to S21 and S8 Notice periods

  • Posted

Will Bartley, Executive in our Property Litigation Team, provides an overview of the changes to Section 21 and Section 8 Notice periods for residential tenancies.

Landlords - How to deal with rent arrears during the pandemic

  • Posted

Rent arrears are a real concern for UK landlords they can have a significant impact on their ability to pay their mortgage and ongoing bills.

Landlord & tenant lawyer Will Bartley looks at landlords experiencing rent arrears during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the new electrical safety regulations for landlords?

  • Posted

Will Bartley looks at the new mandatory electrical safety requirements for rented property. Detailing what the regulations mean for landlords and tenants.

Bailiff ban on evictions extended to May

  • Posted

Will Bartley looks at the most recent eviction ban extension which was announced on March 10th 2021. He discusses what was announced and how it effects landlords and tenants in the UK.

The Cat in the Flat: New standard tenancy agreement scraps blanket ban on pets

  • Posted

Will Bartley breaks down the new standard tenancy agreement, which prevents landlords placing blanket bans on pets. He describes what the new rules mean for landlords and tenants.

Ban on Bailiff enforcement of eviction Orders extended to March

  • Posted

Will Bartley looks at the latest extension to the ban of Bailiff enforcement of eviction which will run until March 31st, looking into substantial arrears and how they fit into the extension. As well as this, Will compiles the contrasting reactions to the eviction ban extension and gives his own specialist view.

Extension to eviction ban and changes to substantial arrears

  • Posted

Further changes to the government’s COVID eviction laws were announced on Friday night and have attracted a mixed response. Will Bartley, Landlord & Tenant specialist, provides an overview.

Extension to ban on evictions for commercial tenants

  • Posted

The government announced this week that the ban on business evictions will be extended until March 31st 2021.

It will mean that the eviction moratorium, first announced in March this year, will have been in place for over a year. The ban on evicting commercial tenants had already been extended twice, however the announcement indicated that this will be the final extension.

Exceptions to the Christmas Evictions Ban

  • Posted

Anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, trespass, serious rent arrears and false statement. Will Bartley explains the circumstances in which the Christmas eviction ban does not apply.

Can tenants be evicted over Christmas?

  • Posted

What is the Christmas evictions truce? Can tenants be evicted in a local lockdown? What are the dates of the Christmas evictions ban? What are the exceptions to the truce? Specialist Landlord and tenant solicitor Will Bartley provides the answers.

Changes to eviction law and notice periods

  • Posted

Announcement of the extension of ban on evictions being progressed by the Courts to 20th September 2020; as well as the extension of notice period for both Section 21 and Section 8 to 6 months from 3 months effective from now.

When can the eviction process start after coronavirus?

  • Posted

When are landlords able to start the eviction process now that the ban on evictions is going to be lifted?

When will the coronavirus ban on evictions end?

  • Posted

It would appear the government will not be extending the ban on evictions currently in place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Lord Greenhalgh, of the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government, confirmed that “the courts will begin to process possession cases again” from 24th August. He was speaking in response to parliamentary questions on Wednesday 1st June.

Extension to ban on evictions due to coronavirus

  • Posted

Evictions from social or private rented accommodation are now suspended until at least 23rd August.

The government also announced that new court rules will ensure vulnerable renters will be protected when the suspension of evictions ends.

Ban on evictions due to Coronavirus

  • Posted

Can I be evicted during the coronavirus lockdown? Is there a ban on evictions during COVID 19 outbreak?

Will Bartley looks at the effects of the coronavirus lockdown on landlords and tenants, and explores the ban on evictions and rental arrears.

What is the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

  • Posted

Is your rented accommodation fit for purpose? What is the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018? Will Bartley outlines the new legislation on standards of rented accommodation.

What is the Renters' Reform Bill?

  • Posted

The proposals for the UK Renters’ Reform Bill were announced during the Queen’s Speech in December 2019.Proposals included scrapping section 21 and a lifetime deposit scheme for tenants. Will Bartley explains all about it.

Evicting a tenant

  • Posted

We understand that for the vast majority of residential lettings there are no problems when it comes to ending the tenancy agreement. It is common across the UK for landlords and tenants to agree to a termination date and for the tenant to move out without...

Tenancy deposit rules - do you have a claim?

  • Posted

For many years, legislation and rules have been in place to protect tenant’s deposits. Despite this, many tenants are still unaware of the obligations imposed upon their landlords to protect their deposit. Student tenancies...

Proposals for three year tenancy agreements

  • Posted

Tenants could be given minimum three-year letting agreements to increase security for those who rent a home. Three year tenancy terms The Government is proposing to allow people who rent in the private sector to opt for...