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Shareholders' Agreements An Overview

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A Shareholders’ Agreement is a written document between two or more shareholders in a private limited company.

It records the terms and conditions on which that company shall carry out business, and how the shareholders shall exercise their rights in relation to the company.

Force majeure clauses and coronavirus COVID-19

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Wayne Spolander is an associate solicitor in our corporate and commercial team. He recently advised the title sponsor of a large international sporting event about coronavirus and a force majeure clause in a six-figure sponsorship contract.In this article, he provides an overview of force majeure clauses in business contracts and touches on The legal definition of force majeureIs coronavirus a force majeure event? What is a force majeure clause? What if there is no force majeure clause? Practical advice for businesses dealing with coronavirus

The Importance of having a properly drafted partnership agreement

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Commercial Solicitor Wayne Spolander explains the importance of having a properly drafted partnership agreement , as well as what it should include. What is a partnership agreement? Partnerships are a set of personal and...

What is the Management Buyout Process?

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What is the Management Buyout process and how does it work? Wayne Spolander, Corporate Solicitor in our Christchurch Office provides an overview of MBOs.

Selling your shares back to the company

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For business owners that want to sell their shares in a private limited company (for example, because they want to retire, have had a dispute with other shareholders or wish to exit the business) selling those shares back to the company may be a good...