Employment Law Update August 2018

The latest employment law news and case law.
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Can parental leave be used by staff who have exhausted their annual leave?


Parental leave is a statutory right, available to all employees, but it is not frequently used...


Can an employer discriminate on grounds of philosophical belief?


Are employers prevented from discriminating against a staff member on grounds of philosophical belief, if for example, an employee is the only person to hold such a belief?



Minimum Wage: 'On Call' Sleeping In


A carer, who sleeps at a client's home, is technically 'on call' during the night. So are they entitled to the minimum wage while they are asleep?


Brexit and employment law – an update


The Government has recently published its White Paper titled 'The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union'. So what does this mean for employment law?



Unfair Dismissal: Qualifying Period

Can an employee, dismissed for gross misconduct just short of qualifying for unfair dismissal, add the week's statutory notice under s86(1) ERA to obtain the right to claim unfair dismissal?


Employer Protection from Tribunals

A business is statistically more likely to have an expensive employment claim than experience a serious fire, theft or flood claim. Our new way to pay for employment advice protects you against the unknown HR issues...

August 2018
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