Employment Law Update July 2019

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Holiday Pay

The holiday season is upon us and the next installment of the Flowers v East of England Ambulance Trust saga has arrived from the Court of Appeal.

The case involves voluntary overtime and whether it should be included when calculating holiday pay. European law says that holiday pay should be based on 'normal remuneration'. If pay or hours vary, then an employer must look at the previous 12 weeks and pay the average.


Shared Parental Leave Pay Discrimination

The Court of Appeal has decided that it is not discriminatory for an employer to pay men on shared parental leave less than birth mothers on statutory maternity leave.


What is Proselytising?

Proselytising is where someone preaches about religion with a view to converting other people to that religion. The Court of Appeal has recently examined when a dismissal for proselytising can be fair.


Race Discrimination through Social Media platforms


The ever-increasing use of social media is having a knock-on effect on relationships in the workplace. We recommend you have a social media policy setting out the rules and expectations clearly to employees to ensure values of equality and diversity are maintained?


Employer Protection from Tribunals

A business is statistically more likely to have an expensive employment claim than experience a serious fire, theft or flood claim. Our new way to pay for employment advice protects you against the unknown HR issues...

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