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How to take control of management of your block of flats

Niki Adkins, specialist lawyer in our growing Leasehold Property Team, looks at the various ways in which a leaseholder can take control of the management of their block of flats. Detailing how Right to Manage, Enfranchisement and Enforcement Action works.

2021: Potential changes to Employment Law after Brexit

Head of Employment, Paul Burton looks at the potential changes to employment law post-brexit. He discusses holiday pay, TUPE, unfair dismissal and the working time directive.

What is a declaration of trust and why do I need one?

What is a declaration of trust and why do I need one? Specialist solicitor Lee Young looks at declarations of trust for property purchase and discusses the importance of setting out an equity split agreement.

Buying a flat with a short lease

Anne Albritton, Associate in our growing Lease Team, details the process of buying a flat with a short lease. She goes on to discuss whether short lease property is worth purchasing, weighing up the pros and cons.

Landlords - How to deal with rent arrears during the pandemic

Rent arrears are a real concern for UK landlords they can have a significant impact on their ability to pay their mortgage and ongoing bills.

Landlord & tenant lawyer Will Bartley looks at landlords experiencing rent arrears during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Returning to work after lockdown

Paul Burton, Head of Frettens' specialist employment law team, looks at the opening up of the economy and the implications for employers as people return to work starting April 12th

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