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New ACAS Guidance on Menopause

This once taboo topic has been high profile lately. Half of the population will go through the menopause and yet it has historically been off limits as a discussion topic. Menopause is more important now than ever with older workers expected to stay in work...

What is the Renters' Reform Bill?

The proposals for the UK Renters’ Reform Bill were announced during the Queen’s Speech in December 2019.Proposals included scrapping section 21 and a lifetime deposit scheme for tenants. Will Bartley explains all about it.

Ethical Veganism: A Protected Belief

Is ethical veganism a philosophical belief and a protected characteristic? Chris Dobbs looks at the recent ruling on Veganism, implications for Employers and HR Professionals, and discrimination against vegans in the workplace.

Purchasing a franchise

What do you need to look out for in a franchise agreement? How does the franchise model work? What happens at the end of a franchise term? Karen Edwards gives an overview of legal considerations when purchasing a franchise.

Can you be fired for social media posts?

The incredible rise of social media in the last decade has caused difficulties in the workplace. Employment and HR Law has struggled to keep up with a raft of new cases, and employees and employers alike struggle for clarity on the issue. In his first...

Statutory and contractual redundancy pay

In a redundancy situation, an employee might be entitled to both statutory and contractual redundancy payments. How much is statutory Redundancy pay? Statutory redundancy payments are calculated using age, length of service and weekly pay (currently capped...
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