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Employment law advice on coronavirus outbreak

Paul Burton, Head of our Employment & HR team, has put together the following summary of advice for employers during the coronavirus outbreak. Including advice on SSP, termination, maternity, holiday accrual and qualification.

New measures to help self employed during coronavirus

Paul Burton explains what the new measures mean for self-employed workers during the coronavirus outbreak. What will self-employed workers get and how do they claim financial support during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Coronavirus help for self-employed

Paul Burton, head of our specialist employment team, explains:

  • What help is currently on offer for the self-employed during the coronavirus lockdown?
  • Why is it taking so long for the government to announce further help for the self employed?
  • When will the government announce the financial help for self-employed?
  • What is a self-employed worker?
  • How do I claim support as a self-employed worker?

Redundancy - alternative employment and trial periods

A dismissal for redundancy is likely to be unfair unless the employer has considered whether there is suitable alternative employment within the business (or group). If suitable alternative employment is offered, it might be subject to a statutory 4 week...

Ban on evictions due to Coronavirus

Can I be evicted during the coronavirus lockdown? Is there a ban on evictions during COVID 19 outbreak?

Will Bartley looks at the effects of the coronavirus lockdown on landlords and tenants, and explores the ban on evictions and rental arrears.

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