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Working from home policies: 9 points to consider

Specialist Employment and HR solicitor, Chris Dobbs offers the 9 points that all HR managers and business owners should consider when writing a working from home policy.

Writing a working from home policy

Should every business have a working from home policy? What should be included? Chris Dobbs, Employment & HR Law specialist examines an increasingly important topic.

What is constructive dismissal and the final straw doctrine?

A constructive dismissal takes place when an employee resigns in response to a fundamental breach of contract on the part of the employer. Paul Burton, specialist employment and HR lawyer examines a recent case and looks at the final straw doctrine.

Unfair dismissal, gross misconduct and homophobia

Chris Dobbs looks at a recent case concerning homophobia, gross misconduct, unfair dismissals and the use of anonymous evidence.

Can an employer monitor working from home?

Chris Dobbs, solicitor in our specialist employment & HR team, offers a comprehensive guide to remote monitoring of employees working from home.

Divorce - what am I entitled to?

Divorce - what am I entitled to?

One of the first things we are often asked by clients considering divorce, is ‘what am I entitled to?’ or ‘who gets what?’

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