Employer Protection Policy

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Employer Protection Policy


What size company does this work best for?

There is no prescribed size of company that the protection policy works best for. The monthly retainer price is calculated to be based on the wage roll and history of Employment Tribunal claims of the company. This includes a legal advice fee and also the insurance premium. So, for a smaller company, employing only a few people, the monthly retainer would likely be cheaper than a larger company, with more staff. However, the policy is designed to protect large and small companies, at a price which is applicable to their specific circumstances.

Are pre-existing, ongoing matters included?

No, anything pre-existing is not included for the insurance against claims. However, you are of course able to use the retainer to get legal advice on the handling on any on-going HR situations that began before the protection policy was taken out.

Are we covered if an employee brings an employment-related claim in the county or high court?

Yes, you will be covered for any claim made in the employment tribunal or any court as long as it relates to the claimant’s employment with you.

Does it include cover for pursuing as well as defending claims?

Yes. Defending claims made by employees is covered by the policy. Also, if, for example, you need to make a claim against a past employee for breaking any terms of their employment contract, your protection covers making a claim.

Does the cover for employment tribunal claims only include the legal costs or does it cover any compensation awards made as well?

The cover does include compensation awards as well as the legal costs associated with defending or pursuing claims.


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