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Natalie Neil

Legal glossary for buying property

  • Posted

At some time in our lives we all have to sign or read something that contains confusing legal jargon. If you’ve ever moved house or rented a property then you will know what a difficult job it can be to wade through contracts full of legal terms. ...

What is the difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common?

  • Posted

When two or more people buy a property together, there are two forms of ownership for the property which co-owners should consider. Joint Tenants When the co-owners are both named on the title deeds, they can hold the property...

Disputes with co-owners of property

  • Posted

Property is the most valuable asset that you own and in these tough times when getting on the housing ladder is becoming more and more difficult, co-ownership may become an attractive proposition. When a property is to be bought by two or more owners it...

A Guide to Lease Extensions

  • Posted

A property lease gives you the right to occupy a property for a set period of time. At the end of this period the freeholder will own your property, although you can stay on as a tenant. As long as you have owned the property for at least two years (but not...

Who needs a Declaration of Trust?

  • Posted

A Declaration of Trust may also be known as a Trust Deed. Couples, friends or relatives who live together, and contribute to household expenses should consider having a deed in place. Conveyancing Executive, Natalie Crowhurst , explains,...