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Government proposes new Family Court Fees for 2024

  • Posted

In this article, Family Partner Andrew Stynes outlines the new fees that the Government are proposing, when they might come into force and what it means for you.

Non-Molestation Orders: How they work and how to apply

  • Posted

In this article, Family Law Expert simon immins outlines how Non-Molestation Orders work, how to apply and more…

How much does it cost to get a divorce in the UK in 2024?

  • Posted

Andy Stynes details the current family court fees and what they are changing to from 30th September.

Surrogacy: How it works and the legal aspects

  • Posted

In her first article for the firm, Family Associate Olivia Le Masurier looks at how surrogacy works and the legal aspects.

Parental Alienation: What are the signs and how to stop it

  • Posted

In his latest article, Family Partner and Solicitor Simon Immins outlines what parental alienation is and looks at what legal steps you can take to prevent and resolve it.

One Couple One Lawyer: The new model for amicable divorce

  • Posted

In his latest article, Family Expert Andrew Stynes outlines the benefits of the new one couple one lawyer model and how it works.

Unmarried Couples: How to secure your living together rights

  • Posted

In his latest article, Family Partner Andy Stynes looks at the different type of agreements that can be used to set out ownership of property and outlines which is best.

Child Support: How to get a Child Maintenance Order

  • Posted

In this article, Family Trainee Katelyn Webster has outlined everything you need to know to arrange suitable child support and what to do if your ex partner is refusing to pay.

Do I have a right to see my grandchildren? Can I get a court order?

  • Posted

Unfortunately, situations can arise where grandparents are denied contact with their grandchildren. If you’re in this difficult position, you do have some options and there are legal steps you can take.

In his latest article, Family Partner Simon Immins outlines what those steps are and your rights as a grandparent.

How to end a Civil Partnership: A Family Solicitor's Advice

  • Posted

In his latest article, Family Partner Andy Stynes outlines the grounds for civil partnership dissolution, the costs involved, how assets are divided and more.

A Family Lawyer's expert tips on Co-Parenting

  • Posted

In his latest article, Family Partner Andy Stynes provides some helpful tips for successful co-parenting and outlines what parents can do if their arrangements aren’t working.

Child Arrangement Orders: How they work and why you might need one

  • Posted

Whether you are going through a divorce, separation or another type of family dispute, understanding how a Child Arrangement Order works can help you make informed decisions about your child’s future.

In her latest article, Olivia Le Masurier outlines how these Orders work, the rights they give you, why you might need one and how to apply.

The Pros and Cons of Post-Nuptial Agreements

  • Posted

In this article, Family Partner Simon Immins looks at the pros and cons of entering into a post-nuptial agreement and outlines what can and can’t be included in one.

Our house is in my partner's name, what are my rights

  • Posted

In his latest article, Simon Immins outlines what rights you have if the house is in your partner’s name.

Costs orders in divorce and financial matters

  • Posted

After the divorce process changed earlier in the year, cost orders are now granted less frequently.

In his latest article, Andy looks at how a costs order can be obtained under the new law and what to include in the application.

What is Parental Responsibility and who has it?

  • Posted

The rules around parental responsibility can be somewhat confusing and can vary depending on the situation.

Here, Simon answers some of the most common questions around parental responsibility.

What happens when two parents can't agree on their child's school?

  • Posted

What happens when parents can’t agree on their child’s schooling arrangements? In this article, Family Partner Andy Stynes looks at how disputes around a child’s school can be resolved and dealt with.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement and do I need one?

  • Posted

Cohabitation Agreements can be used to protect a couple’s assets and clear up any uncertainty regarding shared assets in separation. In this article, Simon Immins takes a look at these agremeents outlining the pros, cons and costs.

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