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Best Companies

Every year, we ask our team to anonymously tell us what they think of working here. Best Companies, the organisation behind the Sunday Times Awards, carry out the survey for us and this year, have named us as 'one to watch'.

Employee Engagement at Frettens

We take employee engagement very seriously at Frettens. We want to create the best possible working environment for our team.


Every year the whole team take part in a survey for Best Companies which is the organisation behind The Sunday Times Awards.

The results and feedback help us to establish what we can do to improve the environment, working conditions and generally make people feel a lot more involved within the organisation.

What did the team say this year?

Responses are completely anonymous we share all the results and feedback with our staff and we use a feedback to continually improve the working environment. Highlights for us from this year’s survey included:

We were recognised for the third consecutive year in 2021 and were awarded the ‘one to watch award’ from Best Companies as a result of our good engagement score.

Recognition as a best company to work for

This year’s survey also highlighted the following areas as worthy of special recognition:

Matthew Fretten on employee engagement

"One of the things that is very easy to say is we put our staff front and centre of everything we do. It's a different matter when you actually run an anonymous survey every single year and ask your staff to confidentially rate you out of 10.

If we can’t measure employee engagement, we can’t really claim to have an engaged workforce.  I’m very pleased to say through the Best Companies survey we’ve had some very terrific results. There is plenty of stuff to work on and we do take it very seriously and action all the things that come out of it."

Employee Engagement at Frettens by Operations Manager, Catharine Snow