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We offer a free initial meeting for all new clients

A free initial chat with one of our bright experts lasts around 30 minutes and usually takes place over a cup of tea or coffee, either at our Christchurch or Ringwood offices. 

We also offer over the phone and video link appointments.


If needed, our solicitors may be able to come to your home if you are unable to come into the office.

Call us on 01202 499255 or fill in your details below, and one of our bright experts will be in touch to arrange your free meeting.

Bright, Modern and Accessible Solicitors

We have always offered free initial meetings because we recognise how important it is for clients to decide whether they feel they can work with a particular solicitor and find out more about the process and likely outcome.

All of our lawyers endeavour to offer positive, down to earth advice, and we hope that this initial meeting allows you the time to see this as well.