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What can I leave in my Will?

  • Posted

In this article, Wills & Tax Paralegal Chloe Hayter discusses what you should include in your Will.

Renters Reform Bill unlikely to pass through Parliament today

  • Posted

In this article, Landlord and Tenant expert Michelle Hayter discusses the Renters Reform Bill, and how it is now unlikely to be passed. 

Companies House Reforms & How to Prepare for them

  • Posted

In his latest Coffee Break Briefing webinar, Malcolm Niekirk looked at the new Companies House Reforms and discussed how Insolvency Practitioners can prepare for them. This is the summary of that briefing.

Can you write your own Will without a lawyer?

  • Posted

In his first article for the firm, Wills & Tax Solicitor Nick Turner outlines the issues that can arise from writing your own Will and gives his advice.

How to conduct Disciplinary Procedures: Advice for Employers

  • Posted

Chris Dobbs looks at disciplinary procedures, outlining the importance of ensuring they are fair and the legal risks to avoid.

How to start an HMO: Advice for landlords

  • Posted

In this article, Commercial Property Specialist Patsy Whitford and the team from Property Loan Market outline everything landlords need to know to start an HMO.

Is buying a beach hut a good investment?

  • Posted

Are beach huts a good investment? And whats involved in buying or selling one? Commercial Property Expert Richard Ramshaw outlines everything you need to know in this article.

How much is a beach hut in the UK?

  • Posted

In his latest article, Beach Hut Specialist Richard Ramshaw discusses how much a beach hut is likely to set you back, why some are so expensive and the process involved in buying.

Do I need a LPA? - Power of Attorney Advice

  • Posted

In this video, Wills and Tax Specialist Lee Young looks at the different types of LPAs, whether you need one and what to include.

What happens if you haven't written a Will? Video Advice

  • Posted

In this video, Wills and Tax Expert Lauren Smallwood describes what intestacy is, how it works and the risks of not having a Will in place.

What does a declaration of trust do? - Legal Advice

  • Posted

In this video, Specialist Solicitor Lee Young details everything you need to know about declaration of trusts and what they do before you get one!

How does a cease and desist work? Advice for businesses

  • Posted

How does a cease and desist work? Is it legally binding? And do you need to go to court?

In this article, Dispute Resolution Solicitor Anthony Eaton answers all these questions and more…

Frettens Graduate Scheme: Do you feel supported?

  • Posted

In this video, Trainee James Privett answers some questions about his time at Frettens. He discusses what the graduate scheme is like, the support he gets and what he's learnt so far.

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