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How much is a beach hut in the UK?

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How much is a beach hut in the UK?

How much does the average beach hut cost? And why are some so expensive?

These are questions that many have when looking at the tiny properties that line the beaches along the South Coast. Surely having the beach on your doorstep doesn’t quite warrant the hefty prices that some beach huts fetch?

In his latest article, Beach Hut Specialist Richard Ramshaw discusses how much a beach hut is likely to set you back, why some are so expensive and the process involved in buying.

How much is a beach hut in the UK?

The purchase price of a beach hut varies depending on its size, location and use. Some beach huts you can sleep in, others are only for day use.

Whilst we do not get involved with valuing a beach hut, there are many agents who should be able to help you with this.

Local authority websites can be invaluable in finding out further information as to what other payments you may be liable for, for example, rent and service charge.

There might also be extra costs such as stamp duty, read about that here, and costs payable when you come to sell the beach hut.

How much does a beach hut in Bournemouth cost?

Just like the beach huts you might find nationwide, Bournemouth beach huts can vary massively in price depending on the factors listed above.

There are plenty of property listing websites out there that will give you a rough idea of the asking price of the average Bournemouth beach hut.

You can read about the licenses and fees involved in buying a beach hut in Bournemouth here.

Why are Mudeford beach huts so expensive?

Simply put, location, location, location! Mudeford beach huts are expensive because they are so sought after, due to their secluded and sunny location.

They are officially the most expensive beach huts in the UK!

Is it worth getting a beach hut?

Beach huts are rarely bought for investment purposes, although you may be able to rent them out during the summer. I suggest asking a solicitor to check if you’re allowed to do this and if there are any restraints on doing so.

You may want to think about the practical considerations such as:

  • What’s the access like?
  • Are there communal facilities nearby, such as toilets and a water tap?
  • How far away is the beach hut from home?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and if you’ll benefit from its use!

Do I need a solicitor to buy a beach hut?

This largely depends on how the beach hut is held and what the requirements are to transfer the beach hut to someone else.

However, I would always recommend seeking legal advice when transferring large sums of money to someone you don’t know! A solicitor can make sure that any funds are transferred securely and that you will receive the keys!

Why use a solicitor to buy a beach hut?

Using a solicitor to buy will give you peace of mind that the beach hut will be transferred to you correctly and that you will be the legal owner.

In addition, a solicitor can ensure that all the legal requirements are satisfied, and that the transaction is completed correctly.

And, lastly, having a solicitor on hand can be a huge benefit as you’ll have someone to turn to with any questions and they can contact the seller’s solicitor with these enquiries on your behalf.

How to buy a beach hut?

The process involved in purchase will depend on whether the beach hut is held under:

  1. a licence  - where a document may be required to evidence the sale of the beach hut from the seller to the buyer; or
  2. a lease – where consent may be required from the landowner in order to register the buyer as the owner at the Land Registry.

I suggest that you discuss this with a solicitor who can advise you on your specific process and discuss what level of service you require.

What do I need to buy a beach hut?

When buying a beach hut, the seller’s solicitor should provide the contract pack, which should include things like the title, information about the beach hut and the draft contract.

Whereas the buyer will need to provide:

  • The address of the beach hut
  • The purchase price
  • Details of any agents acting (if applicable)
  • Source of funds

You may also be asked to provide specific details that are personal to you, such as when you would like to complete and what you intend to use the property for.

You can view our dedicated Beach Hut page here, or read our Q&A here.

Specialist Beach Hut Buying & Selling Solicitors

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Being based right on the South Coast, and only a few miles from Mudeford, Hengistbury Head and Bournemouth beach, puts us in a unique position to undertake work of this kind.

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