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Frettens Graduate Scheme: What's the day-to-day like?

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We know that every experience with our Graduate Scheme, although all positive, is different!

So, we sat down with Harvey Paveley, who is currently in his second seat in our Corporate & Commercial Team, to ask him what he thinks of the scheme.

In this article, he answers questions about his day-to-day working life, the support he’s getting and more…

What’s your day-to-day like?

I am currently in my second year of Frettens Graduate Scheme and training in the busy Corporate and Commercial department at the firm. A normal working day is really varied and can include:

  • dealing with initial enquiries from directors or other business professionals,
  • assisting colleagues with advising clients,
  • drafting legal documents,  
  • collaborating with other departments,
  • having face-to-face meetings, and more.

My colleague Bethany Pinner is currently in her first year of our scheme, where she’s completing her assistant year. You can read about her experience here.

What are the benefits of Frettens’ graduate scheme?

As part of the graduate scheme, I have been able to gain my qualifying work experience (which is required by the SQE) in a number of practise areas across the firm.

Practising several areas of law has been a fantastic opportunity and helped me become a more well-rounded trainee. In some ways, training in multiple departments is similar to what you do through the traditional LPC route, but the SQE has much more flexibility.

Training at Frettens has so many benefits. Not only is the salary really good, but the whole course is fully-funded and you get additional study days too. The whole route is set out clearly right from the very start, so you always know what’s ahead of you and have something to work towards.

What sort of support are you getting?

Frettens are all about investing in the ‘next generation of lawyers’, and they spend a lot of time on training and support to do so. It’s clear that they really care.

Not only has everyone been so supportive, but talking to anyone is so easy – whether they’re a solicitor, member of the support staff or even a partner – everyone is approachable.

Each department that I’ve spent time have been so warm and open. No question that I’ve had has been made to feel silly, and it’s clear that those training you truly want to help you in your progression.

On top of this, there’s now an internal academy at Frettens, ran by senior members of the team. The academy has been set up to provide continued professional development for the duration of the graduate scheme, so you’re always learning and improving your soft skills.

Are there other students working there?

Yes, there are lots of students who are currently working towards qualification at Frettens. In fact, there’s a wide mix of age groups in different stages of their professional development.

Being part of strong cohort of trainees and young professionals is brilliant. I know that there’s always a support network of people who are in a similar position to me that I can chat to, relate with and bounce questions off.

My colleagues Zoe Burcombe, James Privett and Katelyn Webster are three of our team members who are currently training. You can read their experiences here.

What tips do you have for people looking to join the scheme?

If you’re interest in applying to Frettens’ graduate scheme, I would suggest make use of the resources which are available on our website. We’ve published loads of articles which will give you an idea of what the scheme is like, how it works and its benefits.

My colleague Katelyn Webster has even detailed some top tips for applying to the scheme, including how to write your CV, covering letter and ace your interview! Click here to read it.

If you have any further questions, I would also suggest using LinkedIn to reach out to the students and senior staff who work at Frettens, if not me, to ask any questions.

Want to apply?

We are currently looking for ambitious and bright graduates to join our scheme and get qualified!

If you’re great at communicating and able to work well with clients and colleagues, we want to hear from you.

Send your CV to our Operations Manager Catharine Snow on, or find out more first here.

Applications need to be submitted by 30th April 2024

The content of this article, blog or video is not intended as specific legal advice. For tailored assistance, please contact a member of our team.