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Employment Tribunal statistics published

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The government has published the latest quarterly set of employment tribunal statistics for April – June 2013.

The number of claims received by employment tribunals was up 10% against the same period last year, although the overall trend on the number of claims by single Claimants appears to be fairly static.

Sex discrimination claims saw the largest rise and multiple claims account for two-thirds of the employment tribunals’ workload.

The average time for a case to be completed is 24 weeks, although large cases, such as those involving multiple Claimants, can take over 3 years. These are also the first set of statistics which may have been affected by the increase from one to two years in the qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims.

The statistics show a slight increase in unfair dismissal claims against both the previous quarter and the same quarter in 2012.


These statistics do not cover July 2013, when anecdotal evidence suggests that many claims were submitted before the introduction of fees at the end of that month. Therefore the statistics from October – December 2013 and beyond that, will show what impact fees have made to the level of claims.

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