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Labour will scrap current employment tribunal system

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Speaking live at the TUC Congress two weeks ago, Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna announced that the next Labour Government will “scrap” the Government’s employment tribunal system and replace it with “a fairer system to ensure that affordability is not a barrier to employees seeking redress in the workplace.”

The announcement does not make it clear whether employment tribunal fees will be abolished entirely if the Labour party forms the next government, or whether some form of fees will remain.


It is only conjecture, but our current thinking is that the fees will not be abolished entirely, but they may be reduced so that the effect on the number of claims brought in the employment tribunal is lessened.Employment Partner Kate Fretten says, “It may be the case that the coalition government will make a change in the lead up to the general election as part of a policy review.” This comes at a time when the latest statistics show a 71% drop for the period April to June 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

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