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Arrangements for the children when you are getting divorced

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It is a very emotional time for children when a marriage ends. There are several ways you can help make divorce or separation less painful for your children.

It is important to talk to your children and although they do not need to know all the details of your break up, try and keep them informed as to what is happening. Children often feel that a divorce or separation is some how their fault and they must be reassured that it is not. Older children may feel angry if they think that one parent is ‘to blame’ but, no matter what the situation, they should be encouraged not to ‘take sides’.

If you are getting a divorce, the court will not grant this until it is sure that arrangements for the children are satisfactory. Our Family Team will help you to make a statement of arrangements for the children. The court will need to know how the children will be looked after, where they will live and who they will live with as well as financial arrangements for their support.

Head of our Family Team, Julie-Ann Harris, explains “The main concern of the court is to decide what is in the best interests of the children. If both parents have agreed on the arrangements, the court will not make decisions for the child. It will only make decisions when there is disagreement between parents. You will normally be expected to make your own arrangements about maintaining contact with your children and the court will only make a court order if you can’t agree.”

Before agreeing on a package of financial support, it is advisable to get legal advice on whether it is a suitable arrangement for you. Our specialist team can help with this as it is useful to have an agreement legally written in case of any future disputes.

Frettens are pleased to offer a free initial consultation for all new clients. We have always offered this service because we recognise the importance for clients of deciding whether they can work with a particular solicitor and to find out more about the process and likely outcome. Contact Julie-Ann or a member of our Family Team on 01202 499255 to arrange a free, no obligation initial appointment at either our Christchurch or New Forest office.