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Child Maintenance Options

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At the end of July 2013, new rules were introduced for calculating child maintenance and all new applications in respect of child maintenance made after this date, are dealt with by Child Maintenance Options.

Heidi Cardoza, Head of the Family Team says,”Child maintenance is paid by the parent who does not have the day to day care of the child/children to contribute towards providing for the child’s/children’s everyday living expenses.”

There are various ways to arrange child maintenance:-

Family Based Arrangement - Over half a million families choose to make an arrangement between themselves by agreeing with the other parent the amount of child maintenance to be paid.

Statutory Child Maintenance Service – If an agreement cannot be reached between the parents either parent can apply to Child Maintenance Options in order for an assessment of the child maintenance payable to be carried out and an arrangement set up.

If you are unsure as to how much child support should be paid you can use the Child Maintenance Options Calculator as a guide.

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