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Is mediation an effective option in resolving disputes?

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There are many advantages of using mediation rather than going to court. It is an increasingly used method of resolving disputes between two or more parties and can be used in many areas of law. It is an effective tool in commercial and workplace disputes and Family Law. Mediation is seen as ‘better value for money’ and the frightening potential cost of a court case is a leading factor in opting for mediation instead.

Many people find going to court stressful and frightening. The mediation route puts the participants at ease and they are able to discuss their problems in a less acrimonious and resentful way with an independent mediator.

Mediation is very useful for resolving disputes after a relationship breakdown. Many couples find it difficult to communicate after a separation or divorce and by using mediation instead of the courts are able to resolve issues involving children, possessions and finance. One of the main advantages in using mediation is that the couple are in control of the process and the eventual outcome and do not have to accept a decision made by the court.

Our Family Team is headed by Julie-Ann Harris who is a qualified mediator and can advise on all the difficult and complex areas of separation and divorce. She believes mediation encourages discussion and leads to a more amicable outcome, particularly where children are involved. For a free initial consultation please call 01202 499255 and Julie-Ann will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.