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Legal obligations for civil partnerships

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A civil partnership is a legal relationship exclusively for same sex couples and is intended to give the same legal rights as those of a heterosexual married couple. It is a legal requirement for both people to give notice in person in advance of a civil partnership at the local register office and this notice is then publicly displayed for fifteen days. After this time authority can be granted and is valid for one year. Should the venue change, new notice must be given. Both parties must have lived in the area in which they wish to give notice for a full seven days before contacting the register office to give notice. There are strict rules concerning residency and immigration and our Family Law team can help with this. If either party is subject to immigration control, one of the following will be needed to give notice of civil partnership: A valid visa showing you have entry clearance for the purpose of marriage or civil partnership A document proving you have settled status in the UK A certificate of approval with written permission of the Secretary of State – this is available form the Home Office You are not subject to immigration control if you have residency in the UK, are a British citizen, an EEA national, a diplomat or a member of visiting forces from NATO and Commonwealth countries. Documentary evidence must be provided to the registrar when giving notice and the following details must be given: Full name Address Age (minimum legal age in England and Wales is 16 but written consent may be required under 18 years) Nationality Occupation Current marital status – eg – single or divorced ( evidence of the ending of any previous marriage or civil partnership.

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