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The Jackson Reforms - removal of Conditional Fee Agreements

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In April of this year we will see some of the most dramatic reforms to civil case funding being implemented for over 10 years. These changes have been dubbed the ‘Jackson Reforms’ and are part of Lord Justice Jackson’s review into the rules governing the costs of civil litigation.

One of the main reasons for the review was the insurance industry’s maintained assertion that the costs of civil litigation were causing significant rises in insurance premiums. whilst the legal profession contended the system was necessary to provide access to justice. Under the new costs regime. Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA’s), also known as ‘no win no fee agreements’ will no longer be permissible and this change could arguably result in many potential bona fide Claimants being unable to pursue a claim.

Michelle Hayter, Dispute Resolution Solicitor, says “Whilst the changes we are about to see will undoubtedly change the landscape of case funding it needn’t be all doom and gloom for potential Claimants as the reforms also bring in alternative funding arrangements. I would therefore urge any potential Claimant to take advice from a solicitor as to what funding arrangements might be appropriate for their claim.’

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