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Frettens starts a Choir!

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Here’s the latest on what the team at Frettens have been getting up to at lunchtime… 

We have started our own choir, the “Frettens Chorale”. We thought it would be a fun way to do something together as a social and team building activity. And to prove that there is no end (or should that be beginning?) to our talents!

It was a very entertaining task and we therefore thought we might share it with you, our friends, clients, colleagues and contacts. So, we filmed it and now we are delighted to share it!


Film One – Forming a Choir

We knew we’d need some professional help, so we contacted Alison Russell-Hayward from the New Forest Children’s Choir and asked her to train us! Alison’s multi award winning children’s choir was formed in 2008 and is based in Christchurch.

Click on the play icon to watch the film.



Film Two – The Auditions and The Verdict!

The sound test… who is good enough to make the cut for the Frettens Chorale? Watch our team audition for Alison and hear what she has to say about our talents! (click play to watch).



Film Three – Are we ready to sing our own Frettens song?!

If you’ve watched the other two clips, you’ll see that the choir are getting more confident as the weeks passed by. So are we able to write and record our own song?!

Do you even have to ask?!


So why are we doing this?

Well at Frettens, our mission is to help you with your legal questions, so we wanted to get our point across – “you only have to ask”. Our song will be used in another medium as well… have you guessed yet? The final instalment will be on our website next week… tune in to the singing solicitors page of our website to find out more…

Each of our team offers a free initial meeting or conversation on the telephone, so if you have a question about anything from making your will to buying a company, please get in touch! We would be happy to help. Visit our team page to see who is who and learn a bit more.

One final note, there is a good cause that we are hoping will benefit from us embarrassing ourselves for your amusement… Alison’s children’s choir have won a prestigious place to take part in a concert in Carnegie Hall in New York in 2014. They are raising funds to arrange for each child to travel to the USA to take part. if you are interested in supporting, please contact us and we will put you in touch. Thank you.