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Make sure your Will expresses your wishes

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Seven months after the death of actor Robin Williams, his widow and children are in a legal battle to dispute his Will.

There is a bitter disagreement over money and property between his widow, Susan Schneider Williams and his three children from his previous two marriages. In his Will, the actor left his personal belongings to his children. However, Mrs Williams has asked the court to exclude the contents of the home that she shared with her husband in San Francisco. These contents include jewellery, memorabilia and other items such as his Oscar, six Golden Globes, two Emmys and five Grammys. She has asked for court intervention as she feels the terms of the Will and what is defined as gifts of ‘memorabilia’ and ‘jewellery’ are unclear.

Wills need to be carefully drafted to ensure that your wishes are made quite clear. With the increase of second and even third families it has become more common for Wills to be contested and confusion arises as to who is entitled to what. It is therefore crucial that your Will be reviewed and updated regularly, particularly after a re-marriage.

Wills & Tax Solicitor Julie Partington says, “Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever write. Come and chat to our legal team about making, updating or challenging a Will.”

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