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Patsy Whitford

How to deal with a Restrictive Covenant on a Property

  • Posted

In this article, Commercial Property Solicitor Patsy Whitford looks at the implications of having a restrictive covenant on a property that you own or are looking to buy.

Patsy goes on to outline what happens when a covenant is breached and discusses how you can remove a covenant from your property.

How can permitted development rights be used in commercial leases?

  • Posted

Due to the changes to normal working requirements and the potential reduction in the need for traditional office space, could you use permitted development rights to develop your property or change the use to facilitate a different type of business or housing?

Commercial Property Solicitor Patsy Whitford looks at permitted development rights, describing what they are, what they can be used for and the potential issues one may run into.

What is turnover rent and how does it work?

  • Posted

Fiona knight explains how turnover rents work, why they are in the news, and looks at their advantages and disadvantages for commercial landlords and tenants.