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Primary School Band in trouble over Peppa Pig lyrics

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Two brothers aged 10 and 8 wrote a song about Peppa Pig and how they had fallen out of love with the cartoon character. The boys recorded the track with their rock band Magicians Nephew. The song was titled Peppa Pig and used an image of Peppa to advertise the song on iTunes. Just days after making the song available for purchase for 79p the boys received a trademark infringement notification from Entertainment One, the company that holds the licence for the Peppa Pig brand. This is estimated to be worth £650 million a year. The letter stipulated that Peppa Pig was ‘valuable property’ and the song must be removed and that the image of Peppa had been used without proper authorisation. The song has now been removed from iTunes. The boys and their father, himself a musician, had no idea of the legal implications of the song.

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