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Equality Act Update

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Many of those in the employment legal profession have been surprised to note that the implementation date for the Equality Act 2010 has been removed from the Government Equalities Office website.

Apparently the GEO has been inundated with requests for more information and, in response to these, has announced on its Latest News page, that:

“The provisions in the Equality Act will come into force at different times to allow time for the people and organisations affected by the new laws to prepare for them. The Government is currently considering how the different provisions will be commenced so that the Act is implemented in an effective and proportionate way. In the meantime, the Government Equalities Office continues to work on the basis of the previously announced timetable, which envisaged commencement of the Act’s core provisions in October 2010.”

There is much speculation and anticipation on what the changes will finaally be. Contact us to ask a question or discuss this further – 01202 499255 or