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Considering a placement year at Frettens? Here's my experience

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You may have seen that we are currently looking for two placement students to join us for 12 months, starting this summer, but what’s it like to work at Frettens?

In this article, Anisah Alam, Placement Student in our Corporate & Commercial Team, outlines what her experience has been like at the firm so far.

What’s it like working at Frettens?

Working at Frettens is very enriching, I am learning constantly and the work I’m doing is very interesting and varied. I have been provided with insightful guidance from every facet of the firm, even those departments I don’t work with very often, and am very much trusted to work independently.

Frettens also hold a range of social events, which is a great way to get to know people better and outside of a work environment, especially when you first start here.

Everyone here is so friendly and it’s a great place to work.

What does your role involve at the firm?

I have spent my time at Frettens in the Corporate & Commercial team, acting as legal assistant with progression into paralegal duties.

My day to day my responsibilities can vary from drafting to administrative duties to filing company documents to legal research and many other tasks.

My role is really fulfilling and has prepared me to progress my career in law further.

Greg Cooke, previous placement student at Frettens, outlined what his work involved in the Conveyancing Department here.

What are the people like at Frettens and what sort of support do you get?

The people at Frettens are lovely, you are made to feel part of the team very early on and are valued as such.  Furthermore, the level of support I have received has been really positive, and everyone is willing to help when you need it.

There are regular one on one, team and firm-wide meetings which keep you informed and updated so you never feel like you’re in the dark. These sessions also offer another layer of support, which is brilliant.

Lastly, I have the benefit of working alongside a cohort of colleagues in similar or recently in similar positions to me, which has been really helpful and allowed me to learn from their experiences.

How has the placement year prepared you for a career in law?

The placement year at Frettens has provided me with real insight into daily life in the profession at all different stages, and all departments, and has helped me develop my client care skills.

There is real emphasis on soft skill development at Frettens that you can’t quite learn in a lecture theatre. Speaking of lecture theatres, I have taken the opportunity to represent the firm on several occasions, at Bournemouth University for example, and I have even been trusted to do so independently which has been great.

Going from university timetables to a 9-5 was a daunting thought at first but Frettens made it easy to settle in.

Why did you choose Frettens to undertake your placement year?

The ethos of the firm was definitely an important factor for my decision, as I knew Frettens isn’t a boring, plain corporation, but a bright, people-first place that would guarantee I have a more impactful year.

I wanted to undertake a placement year somewhere I knew would push my personal development and allow me an accurate, insightful experience of being in a law firm in all aspects and roles; and Frettens has done exactly that.

It’s clear that the managing partners want you to get as much out of your placement year as you can and, in my team, my development has been encouraged with kindness, patience and wisdom throughout.

Read about the benefits here.

What tips do you have for applying?

As much as it might sound like a cliché, be yourself. There will be other students with the same grades as you but your personality, hobbies and other extra-curriculars are what will set you apart. Be confident in that and make sure these factors shine through in your application.

Make sure to research the firm and try to add something unique into your application as this will demonstrate that you have a keen interest and often helps to show commercial awareness.

Lastly, I would recommend applying for firms that you can see yourself thriving at and that carry similar values to your own so that you get the most out of your placement year.

My colleague Lauren Smallwood has written a dedicated article where she provides tips for applying, including how to write your CV and covering letter. Read it here.

Placements at Frettens

As of January 2024, we are currently looking for two placement students to join us in the summer.

If you are interested, please send your CV and Covering Letter to our Operations Manager Cat Snow on

Find out more about the programme and when we'll be looking for students again on our dedicated placements page here.

Or you can read our tips for applying, including what to include in your CV and covering letter, here.

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