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Frettens headline sponsors as MYTIME raise over £20,000 at Anniversary Ball

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Frettens were proud sponsors of MYTIME Young Carers’ Anniversary Ball at the Hilton in November, which saw over £20,000 raised for the charity.

The sold-out event marked 10 years since MYTIME’s foundation in 2013, with the charity helping to ‘level the playing field’ for young carers in Dorset ever since.

The night kicked off with a red-carpet arrival in the early evening and featured speeches from MYTIME CEO Krista Sharp, Head of Corporate Partnerships Tim Sills and guest speakers Oritsé Williams and Professor Saul Becker.

A landmark moment for MYTIME

2023 has been a big year for MYTIME, who have held plenty of successful campaigns to raise funds for their Making Memories Programme.

They trekked across the Jurassic Coast in June, had nearly 40 runners take part in Run Bournemouth last month, and even received a £70,000 grant from The National Lottery in the Summer.

The 10th anniversary ball was a great way to round things off as we near the end of the year, and the money raised is set to go towards MYTIME’S Operation Christmas; where they aim to provide over 1000 young carers with Christmas goodie bags.

Krista Sharp, MYTIME CEO and JustGiving’s ‘Community Hero of the Year 2023’, said: “It was an incredible evening and a huge highlight of this year. We are so grateful to everybody who joined us on the evening and for their generosity in helping us raise over £20,000 towards this year’s Operation Christmas.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Frettens for sponsoring the event and all of the ongoing support they give us. We are very lucky to call them our charity partner.”

Our involvement

As main sponsors, we provided some assistance in organising the event. Jenny Williams and Kira Slater in our events team helped by sending out booking details to our network, assisting in set up and providing general support.

On the night, we had a couple of tables to ourselves; with seats reserved for all Frettens staff who have previously volunteered for MYTIME.

Every staff member at Frettens is given the opportunity to volunteer, and an extra day of leave per year to do so. It’s one of the many ways that we work with the charity.

Our continued relationship with MYTIME

“We first became involved with MYTIME in 2022, when our team voted the organisation as our charity of the year.” said Matthew Fretten.

“Since then, it has been a joy to work with and support the MYTIME team in their fundraising efforts.

The anniversary ball felt like the perfect way to sum up what has been a landmark year for the charity, and a great way to raise a phenomenal amount of money.

On top of this, everyone at Frettens enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces on the night.

We’re certainly looking forward to continuing our partnership with MYTIME for another year and can’t wait to contribute to their future events.”

How you can help

MYTIME are an amazing organisation, who have strived to support young carers not only through their Making Memories programme, but also through their employability efforts and improvement of support in schools.

You can do your part in helping fund these programmes by donating or starting a fundraiser.

Find out more on MyTIME’s website here.

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