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Frettens Appoint Niki Adkins to their Property Team

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Frettens Solicitors are delighted to announce the appointment of Niki Adkins to their Commercial Property Team. Niki joins from a Salisbury firm where she was head of the Leasehold Property Team.

Niki joins Frettens at a time when they are expanding their own specialist leasehold division, working alongside Michelle Petersen and  Rebecca Morgan.

The team specialise in helping residential leaseholders to protect the value of their property, usually an apartment, by extending the lease or buying the freehold. The team also help people living in blocks of flats to prepare group applications for a lease extension. It can be a complicated and expensive exercise, involving negotiation with the freeholder and accurate registration of the property once an agreement is reached. It is a huge advantage to have experienced professionals dealing with this on your behalf.

Oonagh McKinney, Partner and Head of the firm’s Commercial Property Team, welcomes Niki to Frettens, saying “Niki is exceptionally knowledgeable about leases and very personable so she will be a wonderful support for our clients who wish to extend their lease on their flat. As well as being an extremely experienced professional, Niki is developing a strong reputation and network of contacts which we hope to help her capitalise on. Niki joins us at an exciting time as our property teams are undergoing a period of growth, with further new members of staff set to join us in the coming weeks.”