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Employment & HR Webinar

September's Employment & HR Training will once again be hosted online.

  • Date: 16th September
  • Time: 09:30
  • Price: Free

Paul and Chris are delighted to be joined this time by Steve Ashworth, Tax Director and Employment Tax specialist at PKF Francis Clark, so the topics will be covered from both a legal and financial viewpoint.

The session will consist of an update from the presenters, followed by an opportunity for you to pose questions in our usual Q&A section.


Paul, Chris and Steve will be discussing the end of the furlough scheme and implications for businesses and HR professionals. Topics covered will include:

  • Flexible furlough scheme (with an additional tax perspective from PKF Francis Clark)
  • Particular issues with furlough – notice periods and holiday
  • Mistakes with grant claims and HMRC compliance and penalties
  • Redundancy during and at the end of furlough
  • Job retention bonus scheme
  • Kickstart Scheme 
  • Staff retention – reward and recognition
  • Q&A

If there is anything in particular you would like us to cover, you can email Lewis Barr at