Are you a good boss?

The country’s worst bosses are to be found in the recruitment industry according to a recent survey by Approved Index. 4 in 10 people say they feel overworked by their boss, and the recruitment sector is the profession where people are most likely to quit because of a bad manager. Tourism and marketing came in second and third place for boss-related resignations.

How to be the perfect boss then? Here’s the list, but bosses beware – it’s going to cost you!

  • Let your employees leave early on Fridays
  • A constant supply of free sweets
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Day off on your birthday
  • Spa days
  • Decent Christmas party
  • Provide extra training courses
  • Free magazines
  • Smartphones for all
  • Flexible working from home

The list goes on and on. Some suggestions are not practicable,  e.g.  a nap room, yoga breaks, no ban on social media, provide brand new company cars, tickets to see sports events etc.

The research by which quizzed office workers about their dream boss said that there was no mention of the usual ‘good boss’ behaviour such as regular appraisals or remembering everyone’s names! Figures from Office Genie suggest that workers in the north of the country are not fond of their bosses. One in four workers in the North East said their managers were ‘bad communicators’ compared with 11% in the South. 16% of workers from the North East said their boss gave praise where it was due.

Of course, none of the staff at Frettens have cause to complain.....!