Business meetings - tips to avoid boredom

Office workers in the UK are spending more time preparing for and attending meetings. Recent research has shown that this may be taking two years out of our entire lives. Meetings are an integral part of business life but depending on how well they are chaired can leave employees restless and bored. With a little forward planning this can be avoided.

  • Set a proper agenda to cover required attendees, topics to be covered, goals and a clear start and finish time
  • Use conferencing tools – good software enables you to post your agenda as a visual aid
  • Although it’s tempting to wait for latecomers start without them. They can catch up later on what they missed
  • Introduce your team properly so everyone knows who is who
  • Make sure all inessential apps and devices are closed down – email, messenger and the internet can be a hindrance in meetings
  • Keep the conversation on track. It’s very easy to wander off subject and get hijacked into non-essential topics, so keep focused
  • As chairperson it is essential to keep track of the time. Signal when you have reached the halfway point and give a 10 minute warning before the end of the meeting, this will keep employees focused and motivated
  • Summarise – were goals achieved? Are further actions necessary?
  • Take thorough notes which can be summarised and distributed (hopefully within 24 hours)

"Ineffective and inefficient meetings are a waste of your employees’ time, remedy this and boost productivity in your business," comments Commercial and Managing Partner Matthew Fretten

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