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Frettens Charity of the Year 2019

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our charity of the year for 2019.

Everyone in Frettens has had the opportunity to propose a charity for the shortlist, which the whole firm then voted on.

The charity we have chosen this year is Alzheimer’s Society - United Against Dementia

Dementia is the UK's biggest killer. Someone develops it every 3 minutes and there's currently no cure.

It is a cause close to the hearts of our staff, with many of us having dealt with the effects of dementia in family, friends, and sometimes, owing to the nature of some of our clients.

We will be supporting the charity with various fundraising events throughout the year, as well as through our regular ‘dress-down Fridays’, which raised over £1,000 for last year’s Charity of the Year.

Please keep your eyes peeled for fundraising activities we have planned – we will update social media regularly. If you happen to be visiting us, please feel free to make a donation – there is a collection box on reception.

What is Dementia?

There are many symptoms, the most common being memory loss, changes in behaviour including aggression, difficulty communicating, hallucinations, depression and anxiety.

Sadly this disease not only effects the victim by stripping them of their independence and most of the time their personality, but family and friends also suffer a great deal throughout the process. The average life expectancy after being diagnosed is 10 years.

5 things you should know about dementia

1. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing
We all forget a name or a face sometimes. Especially as we get older. But dementia is something different.

2. Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain
Diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease cause nerve cells to die, damaging the structure and chemistry of the brain.

3. Dementia is not just about losing your memory
When most people hear the word dementia, they think of memory loss.

4. People can still live well with dementia
Although there is no cure for dementia, scientists and researchers are working hard to find one.

5. Alzheimer’s Society is here for anyone affected by dementia
Alzheimer’s Society provide expert information and support to anyone affected by dementia.

There hasn’t been a new drug for dementia introduced in 15 years. There is no way to prevent dementia and there is no cure yet. But through research, we will beat it.

Want to find out more? Visit Alzheimer’s Society website here.

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