Divorce ruling Sharland and Gohul

Courts are to reconsider settlements made in divorce proceedings. In the above two cases both wives were able to satisfy the court that they had been misled by their ex-husbands in that both husbands had hidden their true worth from the court. 

Andrew Stynes Family Solicitor says, “In cases where one party misleads the court as to their true financial worth, this ruling gives a very clear signal that the other party can return the matter to court and have any agreement or order set aside so that the court can consider the entire settlement again.”

This is clearly a case of huge significance to those parties where it becomes apparent after a divorce ruling or financial consent order has been entered into, that one of the parties was misleading the court as to their true financial position. This may pave the way for further claims. Whilst it is true that these cases were what might be termed “big money cases” these still have a relevance to divorce cases that appear every day in the courts up and down the country, where one or other party deliberately misleads the court as to what their true financial position and this becomes evident after settlement there is now a way of asking the court to reopen the case.

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