Gender pay reporting

New draft regulations, regarding the new gender pay reporting requirements, have now been produced. The new requirements are now intended to come into force in October 2016, with the first reports to be published in April 2017. The draft Regulations set out the framework - employers will be required to publish mean and median pay information, gleaned from the whole workforce. They must also publish how many men and women appear in each quartile of pay in the workforce.

The full pay report information must be published on the employer's website every year, and left there for at least three years, and must also upload the information to the government. The government's initial intent is for employers who do not comply to be 'named and shamed', and will review whether civil or criminal penalties for non-compliance should be introduced in due course. The draft Regulations are open for consultation until 11 March 2016.


"To begin with, the new gender pay reporting requirements will be in force for employers with 250 employees or more. The consultation period is very short, as is the case with most government consultations these days, and t is likely that the final regulations will not be much different to those being proposed now," re-iterates Kate Fretten, Employment Partner.

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