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Trading online - what terms & conditions are needed?

Your website Terms and Conditions are vital to your business and are also required by law to protect you and your customers. It can be a daunting task trying to decide what you need on your website.

What topics should the terms & conditions cover?

  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Returns, losses and refunds
  • Complaints
  • Contact
  • Data and privacy

Louisa Knight, a Paralegal in our Commercial Team, says that a detailed description of your trading terms is essential. She explains “The terms will include how enquiries will be dealt with, how you intend to treat your customers, your complaints policy and ensuring that the customer knows their statutory rights and cancellation rights.”

Data and privacy

Data and privacy is important to your customers, they need to be reassured that their private details, including contact details, credit card numbers etc are safe in your hands and that their details will not be passed on to other companies. Ensure that it is clear that your company follows all guidelines that the law demands.

Supplying goods – who is responsible for delivery times?

If you are intending to supply goods it is vital to make clear that you as the supplier are only partially responsible for delivery times. Most companies use a third party to deliver goods and the responsibility for delivery lies with them. It’s a good idea to allow a few extra days when giving ‘acceptable delivery times’.

Writing terms and conditions for your website

Our team at Frettens can assist you in writing your terms and conditions, if you are doubtful that you have covered yourself legally and included all the clauses necessary. Having someone with the expertise to help with legal jargon can make running your business online much easier.

Remember that the consumer has more rights in law than you have as a supplier, so make sure you get things right first time.

Our Commercial Team is happy to discuss any issues that this raises for your own business. If you have any questions, you only have to ask us at Frettens. Please call 01202 499255 and Louisa or a member of the team will be happy to chat about your situation and your particular requirements.