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When will no fault divorce become law in the UK

When will no fault divorce become law in the UK

When will no fault divorce become law?

UPDATE: No-fault divorce became law on April 6th 2022. Read 'everything you need to know about no-fault divorce' here.

The ‘Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill’, often commonly referred to as the ‘No-fault Divorce Bill’ was first introduced in June 2019.

It has seen delays to it’s progression into law thanks to Brexit, elections and the coronavirus pandemic, and entered the parliamentary process on 7th January 2020.

It was announced on 17th June that it will now pass to the House of Lords to consider an amendment, and will then receive Royal Assent.

Delays to ‘Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill’

However, the bill’s reforms will not come into force for more than a year.

You can read Louisa Knight’s article on no-fault divorce and what it will mean for separating coupes here.

Robert Buckland, lord chancellor, said that ‘At this early stage, we are working towards an indicative timetable of implementation in autumn 2021.’  

He explained to MPS that implementation would be delayed ‘because time needs to be allowed for careful implementation.

What will no fault divorce mean for separating couples? 

Simon Immins, one of our bright and experienced family team, on the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill. 

"The fact that couples will be able to petition for divorce jointly without having to separate for two years, which often itself leads to difficulties when parties lives naturally move on in that time; leading to additional tensions that often affect sensible and constructive approaches to agreeing finance and child arrangements is a hugely important step, practically and symbolically."

Resolution on No fault divorce

Resolution is the largest membership organisation for family justice professionals in England and Wales. Resolution members sign up to our Code of Practice, promoting a non-confrontational approach, which results in better outcomes for families and children.

On the latest update on the law, Resolution's National Chair, Margaret Heathcote, said:

“Our members have been campaigning for change for years, in Westminster and in towns and cities across the country where they work. They’re all committed to reducing conflict between separating couples, but our outdated divorce laws have meant they’ve been working with one hand tied behind their back.

“This new law will mean they’re better able to support couples to resolve matters as constructively and amicably as possible, minimising the impact on any children they may have.”

No fault divorce solicitors - Free initial appointment

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