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When will the coronavirus ban on evictions end?

When will the coronavirus ban on evictions end?

Coronavirus ban on evictions to come to an end

It would appear the government will not be extending the ban on evictions currently in place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

UPDATE: The eviction ban is still ongoing in 2021, you can read the latest update here.

When will the coronavirus ban on evictions end?

The current ban on evictions will be lifted from 24th August.

Lord Greenhalgh, of the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government, confirmed that “the courts will begin to process possession cases again” from 24th August. He was speaking in response to parliamentary questions on Wednesday 1st June.

The suspension of evictions will have lasted for a total of five months.

UPDATE: Will has written another article on what will happen now that the ban is due to be lifted, which you can read here.

Can I be evicted during coronavirus outbreak?

Legislation was introduced to protect vulnerable tenants during lockdown in March. It was a critical part of the government’s strategy for dealing with the economic impact of the coronavirus lockdown.

Will Bartley’s article on the government’s policy, and the impact on both landlords and tenants, can be read here.

Extension to the ban on evictions

The ban on evictions was extended in June, with the government aiming to ensure that no one was evicted from their home this summer due to coronavirus.

Can I serve notice on my tenant during COVID?

Will Bartley, Dispute Resolution executive and specialist in landlord & tenant matters, explains:

“Whilst the date for the Courts progressing evictions is 24th August, we have found throughout the ban that you can still issue possession proceedings with the Court, who have been allocating a claim number to them so that they are ready to progress once the ban is lifted.

This, in theory, should enable the claim to be progressed quicker than claims issued after the ban is lifted on 24th August.”

If you are a landlord or tenant affected by these issues, you can speak with Will here.

What impact will the end of the eviction have on tenants?

The government is trying to manage a very difficult situation.

The ban on evictions during the coronavirus outbreak has offered crucial protection and certainty to vulnerable renters affected financially by the lockdown.

Warning on homelessness

Research from Generation Rent, reported in The Big Issue, claimed that “13 per cent of renters have fallen into arrears during the crisis”.

The research also claimed that “45,000 households are at serious risk of homelessness when the eviction ban is lifted in August”.

Landlords and evictions during COVID

While the ban on evictions has been welcomed by most, it has not been without problems..

Landlords have been left in difficulty without the ability to take action against problem tenants.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), speaking to Landlord Today, said:

“Extending the evictions ban is not without victims. It leaves landlords powerless to tackle the kind of behaviour that causes untold suffering and hardship for many communities and tenants alike.

These cases must be given top priority by the courts and their processes enhanced to avoid further delay once they start to deal with possession cases.”

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