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Simon Immins

When will no fault divorce become law in the UK

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The ‘Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill’, often commonly referred to as the ‘No-fault Divorce Bill’ was first introduced in June 2019.

It has seen delays to it’s progression into law thanks to Brexit, elections and the coronavirus pandemic, and entered the parliamentary process on 7th January 2020.

It was announced on 17th June that it will now pass to the House of Lords to consider an amendment, and will then receive Royal Assent.

I want to see my child - what are my parental rights?

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When a child is born, the mother and the father automatically have parental responsibility (if they are married or named on the birth certificate). However, parental responsibility does not give an automatic right to contact. Contact between a child and the...

Do you have to PROVE unreasonable behaviour in a divorce?

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Family Law solicitor Simon Immins reviews the case of Owens V Owens and the implications of it in relation to 'unreasonable behaviour' and 'no fault divorce'

Does 'maintenance for life' really mean just that?

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The law relating to matrimonial finances is based around the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (subject to some much needed amendments) but does it now reflect today’s society and the financial needs of the divorcing parties? Changing times...