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Employment Training Courses

At Frettens, our bright Employment Team offer specialist, tailored training courses.


Managers should have some skill and responsibility for management of staff who work under them. Regularly, people are promoted for being good at their job but without having the new skillset required to run a team or manage their new junior staff.

The courses we offer are designed to help managers, new and experienced, develop the skills which many organisations are increasingly seeing as part of management’s role: disciplinary matters, performance reviews, handling workplace investigations. We also offer broader courses covering key HR topics and the opportunity to experience some of the work which goes in to a Tribunal hearing.

Our courses address various issues that employers may face on a day-to-day basis. They are designed to:

  • Strengthen your staff’s knowledge of employment law and HR issues;
  • Educate on the importance of good practice in limiting legal claims;
  • Develop existing understanding of internal procedures and processes and how these fit in a legal framework

You'll find more detail below about the individual full day and part day courses that we offer:


Part Day Courses

Introduction to Disciplinary Issues

This half-day session explores the key points, methods and good practice for managing disciplinary issues in the workplace. During this course, attendees will gain experience through an interactive case study of:

  • The purpose of the disciplinary process
  • The importance of and how to follow a fair procedure
  • Types of sanctions and what ‘gross misconduct’ really means
  • The right to be accompanied and types of representative
  • What can go wrong and the legal claims
  • The most common mistakes and our top tips for the process

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Introduction to Managing Poor Performance at Work

This half-day session looks at ways of handling poor performance in the workplace. The focus for this training is on remedying the problem and working to avoid workplace inefficiency, resentment, grievances and possible legal claims. Attendees will explore:

  • The use of capability procedures and ensuring fairness
  • Effective use of appraisals and performance management
  • The difference between management of an issue by performance and discipline routes
  • Potential problems which may arise and how to address them

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Introduction to Workplace Investigations

This session explores in its first part the general principles of any kind of workplace investigation and the second half on practical application of those skills. Through an interactive case-study, attendees will learn about:

  • The role of the investigator and the scope of the investigation
  • Investigations in disciplinary cases
  • Investigations in grievance cases
  • Types of evidence and drawing conclusions
  • Preparation for being an investigator
  • Collecting evidence and witness statements
  • Presenting findings and preparing a report

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Introduction to Equality and Discrimination

For anyone who needs a solid overview of discrimination law and the provisions of the Equality Act whether they’re new to HR and management or due a refresher. This session uses practical case studies and real cases to explore:

  • Why diversity and equality are important to the workplace
  • The risks of not complying with equality principles
  • What we mean by the ‘protected characteristics’
  • What can amount to unlawful acts in the workplace
  • The particular claims of harassment and victimisation in law

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Introduction to Handling Sickness Absences

This part day course is designed to introduce attendees to the effective management of absences due to sickness whether intermittent, long-term or disability related. Through the use of case studies, attendees will learn about:

  • Types of sickness absence and the ‘trigger’ points
  • The effective management of short-term absence
  • Dealing with longer-term absence and returning to work
  • Key considerations when the absence is related to a disability
  • The use of occupational health and access to medical referrals

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Handling a Redundancy Process

This half-day course is designed to provide an overview of the legal requirements and practical steps for handling a workplace redundancy situation. Attendees will explore the legal principles and apply them to an on-going case study to learn about:

  • The basis of a redundancy situation and when the rules apply
  • Ensuring you follow a fair process and procedure
  • The procedure for pool identification and selection criteria
  • The role and importance of effective consultation
  • The difference between individual, small-scale and collective redundancy situations

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Workplace Grievances

This half-day course explores the options and management of workplace disputes including those between employees and where employees have complaints about the business or management. Attendees will use case studies to explore:

  • When does a complaint become a grievance?
  • The difference between formal and informal resolution
  • An overview of investigating grievances
  • Good practice for conducting a grievance meeting
  • Reaching a decision and communicating findings
  • Possible outcomes and what comes next

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Full Day Courses

Essential Employment Law - Introductory Level

This introductory course is intended to help give managers new to HR and people management an overview of the legal knowledge and skills they need to run a team. It explores the six main topics they are likely to be asked to handle through an exploration of the law and practical case studies to implement the learning.

Each topic runs for around 45 minutes to an hour keeping the session focussed on the most common issues in manageable chunks. The topics and content can be tailored to suit the business by referring to their own policies.

During the day, attendees will learn about:

  • Dealing with disciplinary issues
  • Handling poor performance
  • Dealing with employee grievances
  • Diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace
  • Sickness absence and disability issues at work
  • Flexible working and family rights

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Employment Law for Managers - Intermediate Level

This step-up course is designed to address some of the more contentious issues which may be encountered in a workplace where a greater deal of management experience and knowledge may be required. This course builds on either existing knowledge or our introductory course to boost confidence in handling more complex issues.

It also touches on the role and procedure of Tribunal to help prepare participants for their potential need to appear as a witness for the business.

  • Worker status and contractual matters
  • Complex issues in discrimination
  • Disability discrimination: reasonable adjustments
  • Redundancies
  • What happens at the Employment Tribunal?

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Employment Law for Managers - Advanced Level

This course buildings on pre-existing knowledge of employment law and HR issues either from delegates own experience or previous courses and therefore best suited to directors, senior leaders and in-house HR staff.

The course explores some of the more unusual situations, challenging staff issues and legally complicated matters which will hopefully only be encountered more rarely.

  • TUPE – who transfers, changes to terms, and legal claims
  • Subject Access Requests – the legal obligations, responding to them, exceptions and limitations
  • Data Protection for Employees- key principles, fair processing, retention, data security, handling data in internal process and Tribunal claims

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Workplace Discrimination

Focussing on the fundamentals of issues which may arise under the Equality Act including an in-depth exploration of the protected characteristics, situations where claims may arise, employer liability and management tips and tricks.

Through discussion and practical case studies, attendees will learn about:

  • The protected characteristics and how these are currently interpreted by the Tribunal
  • What amounts to unlawful conduct and situations where you can discriminate unintentionally
  • The specific protections afforded in pregnancy and maternity
  • Why ‘harassment’ might not be harassment but bullying could be
  • The additional specific protections and claims around disability
  • What happens when there are conflicting protected characteristics
  • The principle of ‘vicarious liability’ and what it can mean for an employer
  • The statutory ‘all reasonable steps’ – when have you done enough to protect yourself?  

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Tribunal Experience - Full Day

This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to experience some of the Tribunal processes and procedures through a case study around an unfair dismissal.

While not intended to perfectly replicate the Tribunal setting, this session gives participants or other members of the company have the opportunity to play the role of the claimant and the employer’s witnesses as well as experience both sides of cross-examination before giving their view on the potential outcomes.


  • Introductory session to the Tribunal, its processes and procedures and how hearings operate
  • Opportunity to review the claim form and respondent’s reply and work through the bundle to fully grasp the case and explore issues which may arise in a hearing
  • Discussion of the law and how unfair dismissal cases are decided
  • Group work to help the ‘Claimant’ and other ‘witnesses’ prepare themselves for the hearing


  • Giving evidence and cross-examination
  • Closing speeches and the role of legal arguments in concluding a hearing
  • Vote on outcome and conclusions

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One Hour Online Courses

We also offer one hour online courses, which are designed to provide either an overview of a particular aspect of daily HR issues or as a refresher for those who have undertaken more substantial training or have more practical experience to refresh or update.

Courses are delivered using an online platform live and are primarily presentation style but with opportunities to ask questions and address specific issues in the workplace.

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