Brexit and employment law - an update

The Government has recently published its White Paper titled 'The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union'.

Paragraph 123 states a proposal that there be no regression in employment laws.

No regression in employment law

That means that no EU based laws will be repealed.

Therefore TUPE, the Working Time Regulations, collective consultation requirements and much of our discrimination legislation will not be amended when we leave the EU.

Areas of change post-Brexit

It is commonly thought within the employment sector of the legal profession that there will be three areas of change post-Brexit:

  1. relaxation of the restrictions on harmonising terms and conditions following TUPE;
  2. relaxation of collective consultation requirements in redundancy situations; and
  3. much of the Working Time Regulations.

The White Paper suggests there may be no such changes. But these may come into play once the dust has settled after Britain exits the EU.

This also assumes that a deal will be reached…


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