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Our tips for moving day and beyond

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Our tips for moving day and beyond

Our bright property experts have written this article to guide you through the moving day process and beyond.

They provide some top tips for moving day and outline some considerations and questions that should be asked once you’re in the property.

Moving Day – Our Advice

Moving day is an exciting but often stressful time.

You probably want nothing more than to sit down in your new home and crack open the champagne!

So, we asked our team what their top 10 tips for moving day would be...

Our top tips to prepare for moving day

  1. ‘Send your completion funds to your solicitor no later than the day before completion’ – Clare Hallett, Conveyancing Partner
  2. ‘Keep your phone on loud’ – Zoe Burcombe, Conveyancing Paralegal
  3. ‘Make a packing plan, think about what you can and can't move and try and start early’ – Kym Gaisford, Conveyancing Associate
  4. ‘Arrange plans for the kids’ – Cheryl Phimister, Conveyancing Executive
  5. ‘Pack a box for the car containing the kettle, mugs, milk, teabags and coffee’ – Catharine Snow, HR & Operations Manager
  6. ‘Find out where the nearest takeaway is’ – Christine Chant, Client Enquiries Advisor
  7. ‘Take lots of photos, especially if you are going to renovate’ – Jenny Williams, Marketing Assistant
  8. ‘Make the bed before anything else so you can fall into it when you're exhausted’ – Julia Gaunt, Licensed Conveyancer
  9. ‘Make sure you know where you packed the corkscrew’ – Oonagh McKinney, Commercial Property Partner
  10. ‘Don't forget the cat!’ – Matthew Fretten, Managing Partner

Do you have to make a new will when you move house?

Now you have your first home it is important to make a Will, if you don’t have one in place already.

Your Will lets you decide what happens to your property, money and possessions if you were to die.

If you die without making a Will – intestate – the law will decide who will inherit your estate.

There are several types of Wills and it is important to choose the right one for you.

Our advice on making a will after moving home

Wills & Tax Executive Julie Frampton says “It is very easy to delay making a will and many people think that it is only something that you should do later in life.

It’s actually one of the most positive, beneficial things you can do to protect your family’s future!”

What do I need to check after moving in?

Here’s some key considerations that you should have in mind, once you’ve moved in…

  1. Find out where the mains supplies are for water, gas, electric etc and check your smoke alarms work and have battery power.
  2. Change the locks - there could be any number of keys out there floating around that match your lock.
  3. Once you are settled in, don't forget to notify your bank, doctor, dentist, the kid's schools, DVLA & vehicle registration, electoral role and memberships of your new address.
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A complete guide for First-Time Buyers

If you are a first-time buyer and have any further questions, you can check out a complete guide below.

Alternatively, if you know anyone who is looking to buy their first home that you think might benefit from the guide, feel free to send it to them. Click on this shareable link.

Need further advice?

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