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What is constructive dismissal and the final straw doctrine?

A constructive dismissal takes place when an employee resigns in response to a fundamental breach of contract on the part of the employer. Paul Burton, specialist employment and HR lawyer examines a recent case and looks at the final straw doctrine.

Unfair dismissal, gross misconduct and homophobia

Chris Dobbs looks at a recent case concerning homophobia, gross misconduct, unfair dismissals and the use of anonymous evidence.

Can an employer monitor working from home?

Chris Dobbs, solicitor in our specialist employment & HR team, offers a comprehensive guide to remote monitoring of employees working from home.

Divorce - what am I entitled to?

Divorce - what am I entitled to?

One of the first things we are often asked by clients considering divorce, is ‘what am I entitled to?’ or ‘who gets what?’

Claiming a holiday refund for coronavirus cancellation

Anna Curtis answers your FAQs on coronavirus holiday cancellations, quarantine and how to get your holiday refund.

What is continuity of employment?

Only employees with two years’ continuous service have the right not to be unfairly dismissed. This qualifying period is measured to the day - so it is important to be clear about precisely when an employee started work.

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